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Funding your postgraduate education

Awards, scholarships and grants are all available to help with your masters or PhD.

Susi (Student Universal Support Ireland) system. To see if you qualify you can use the Susi eligibility reckoner (
At we are very competitive with pricing, especially for students who have large projects or ongoing work as we know that budgets are limited and timeframes are tight.


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Ireland to plant 440 million trees.

Great to see Ireland's plan to Plant 440 Million Trees by 2040 to do our bit for the environment. It is great initiative and the government has fully backed it. Well done. Less paper use is good and can only help the big picture when it comes to climate change.

Use less paper and get Eco-friendly.

Today’s world is changing. With the rapid change in the climate and global warming, we need to care more for our environment and keep it healthy for our future generations.  The smallest thing like using less paper or using where possible recycled paper in an effort to save our forests and conserve resources which in turn generates less pollution during the paper manufacturing processes . At we encourage a digital version of any copy typing or source material that needs to be used.  With all of our au dio transcription  we provide it in digital format for the client to produce one final copy as opposed to several. If everyone does something small we can achieve something great!